“Innovation for Tomorrow”------Sate’s Successful Completion of the 14th Shanghai International Auto Industry Exhibition (Auto Shanghai 2011)

    With “Innovation for Tomorrow” as its theme, Auto Shanghai 2011 was over on April 28, 2011. It was organized by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai Sub–Council and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Automotive Sub–Council. Companies such as Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd were the co-organizers.

    At the exhibition, Sate built a brief & bright show space and displayed a series of various models of TPMS. It formed a perfect display platform with an open booth, TPMS products for passenger cars and commercial cars both for OEM and aftermarket and bright lighting. All these explained Sate’s business concept “satisfaction leading technology”. At the same time,the dazzling array of TMPS products provided customers a viewing feast.

    As regards to products, Sate TMPS1209C10 is the latest product solution for aftermarket passenger cars. It is a model with internal transmitters which was developed based on TPMS1209C0. Now there is no large quantity entering the market. It is just for marketing test in several high-quality distributors and has achieved a good performance with customers and distributors’ first acceptance. After the exhibition, it will be further adjusted for a comprehensive launching out.

    In TPMS product solutions, with its many years R&D experience and accumulation of marketing application, Sate has accomplished humanized solutions according to various vehicles and customer requirements and considerately made perfect matching.

    At the booth, the professional members of Sate patiently recommended solutions for people from all walk of lift and new & old customers. We used exquisite flashes to directly demonstrate TPMS installation and working status.

    With the rapid development of automobile industry, people are becoming more and more concerned about automobile safety. With the consecutive enacting of regulations, TPMS has entered public’s view as the third largest vehicle active safety product and will become essential to the standard configuration in the next few years.   

    In the future, Sate will constantly adhere to the "satisfaction leading technology" business and service concept and create a safe vehicle environment for customers.



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